top 10 best android games in usa

top 10 best android games in usa

Dream Wedding:

The game ranks fifth in the USA in terms of Android games. Its Google Play Store rank is 4.4.

Save The Grandmother:

A very simple game. Most likely you can play the game when you need a little rest when you are feeling bored.

Figurine Art:

If you love to draw and if you want to awaken the creative unit then this game is a must for you.

Subway Surfers:

Welcome to the endless running mobile game. I don't think this game is so popular in USA alone.

Apex Legends Mobile:

The game was more popular than ever on PC. Ever since this game has been launched on mobile.

Monument Valley

Taking things to a slightly happier place, we have a two-pronged Monument Valley.

Pokémon GO

You can't mention mobile games without the really powerful Pokemon Go, is