Top 10 Best Strategy Games for Android 

Civilization VI

Civilization VI (opens in new tab) is not some cut-down version of the famous PC turn-based strategy game. This is the famous PC turn-based strategy game, squeezed onto your Android device.

Kingdom Two Crowns

Kingdom to Crown (opens in new tab) is an Android game that pits your Emperor and his subjects against evil greed.

Maze Machina

Maze Machina (opens in new tab) is an Android game that squeezes complex turn-based strategy into a shoebox-like four-by-four grid, full of surprises.


Tropico (opens in new tab) puts the classic PC dictator simulator in your pocket - which, given the events of the world, can be a bit on the nose these days.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance (opens in new tab) is a tower defense game with a twist.


TwinFold (opens in new tab) takes the basic tile-merging mechanic of the classic Threes! 

Concrete Jungle 

A major upgrade on the developer's own spectacular but widely overlooked megacity (opens in new tab)

Mini Metro 

The early stages of Mini Metro (opens in new tab) have an unarmed hypnotic and almost noticeable quality.

Hitman GO 

The original and best Go game, Hitman Go (opens in new tab) was never supposed to work. This console redefines the stealth shooter as a dinky clockwork boardgame.

Card Thief 

If you never thought a solitaire-like card game was the perfect framework for a tense stealth title, you're probably not alone.