It is the 19th century, a step back from where we are today, and the world has turned into a winter "wonderland".

 Thief: The Dark Project

Looking Glass Studios may no longer exist, but the legacy it left with the Thief series will soon be forgotten.

Syberia 2

If you're the type who wants to arm yourself with high-powered steampunk weapons and cruise across massive landscapes in steampunk-inspired vehicles.

 Skies of Arcadia

We're going back to the Dreamcast for this gem, pieced together by members of a JRPG team from games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Sakura Wars, and Fantasy Wars. 

SteamWorld Dig

Dig in this unique platformer that sends players digging around the world as the Rusty, a mining steamboat.


Slip into the role of Corvo Attano, a disgraced bodyguard who is framed for murdering the Empress he vows to protect. After that along with the whole city of Dunwal.

 Final Fantasy VI

Prior to the launch of the Final Fantasy series Pinnacle, Square was brainstorming a range of RPGs that would help define a genre.

BioShock Infinite

The BioShock series first introduced us to a metropolis under the sea.


What all of the above games have in common is a lot of dialogue throughout the story campaign.


Thief is another very old gaming series. And by old, we do not mean old, but truly worthy of the title of veteran.


Machinarium is a town in which Robot Joseph - named after the inventor of the word robot - tries to solve puzzles to save his girlfriend Berta and stop the nefarious activities of three robot thugs.

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