Top 10 best seeds for Minecraft 1.19 update (Java + Bedrock)

Minecraft's world generation is virtually endless, with an unlimited amount of seeds that players can use to create the worlds of their choice.  Depending on the seed and version of the game, players can experience very different worlds, thanks to the game's vast terrain construction code.

Since the release of Minecraft's 1.19 update, players have been sharing the all-new seed.  There are many new additions to the game in these worlds, such as deep dark biomes, mangrove swamps, and more.

Below, Minecraft players can find a list of some of the best seeds to try in version 1.19.  Some of these seeds are specific to the version of the game being played, but others are viable for both the Java and Bedrock platforms.

Marooned (-9142863513851137753) and 9 other great seeds for Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition 1.19

Mineshaft in Ancient City (4189766944005904899)Becoming VIP in GTA Online

When Ancient City Structures were introduced in version 1.19, they were not meant to cross with any other generated structures created by the game.

Mangrove Mansion (5454173288014282276)Becoming VIP in GTA Online

The mangrove swamp biome was combined with the Deep Dark biome in version 1.19.  Frogs crowd in these swamps and there are new mangrove trees for harvesting and construction.

Expansive Desert (-8631174543717435159)Becoming VIP in GTA Online

In this seed, Minecraft players start out in an expansive coastal desert with little or no vegetation to speak of, including a lack of trees to build basic equipment.

Merged Swamp Biome (6705098208300174216)Becoming VIP in GTA Online

This seed is a swamp explorer's dream.  As players walk in, they'll be pretty close to a huge swamp at (X:-123, Y:64, Z:261).  However, this swamp is unique in that it is a combination of a standard swamp and the new mangrove swamp biome.

Ancient City Spawn (565535403532980236)Becoming VIP in GTA Online

This Minecraft seed is absolutely not for the faint hearted.  On the upside, players will be able to experience an ancient city right away.  However, these formations are some of the most dangerous in the entire game.

Combo Structure Spawn (3546842701776989958)Becoming VIP in GTA Online

Players start on a beach adjacent to several structures, right next to each other.  Visiting (X: 175, Y: 63, Z: 147), players will simultaneously find a village, a desert pyramid, a pillar post and a shipwreck.