Top 10 best seeds for Minecraft 1.19 update (Java + Bedrock)

Minecraft's world generation is virtually endless, with an unlimited amount of seeds that players can use to build the world they like.  Depending on the seed and version of the game, players can experience very different worlds, thanks to the game's vast terrain construction code.

Since the release of Minecraft's 1.19 update, players have been sharing the all-new seed.  There are many new additions to the game in these worlds, such as deep dark biomes, mangrove swamps, and more.

Below, Minecraft players can find a list of some of the best seeds to try in version 1.19.  Some of these seeds are specific to the version of the game being played, but others are viable for both the Java and Bedrock platforms.

1) Mineshaft in Ancient City (4189766944005904899) ❤️

2) Mangrove Mansion (5454173288014282276) ❤️

3) Expansive Desert (-8631174543717435159) ❤️

4) Merged Swamp Biome (6705098208300174216) ❤️

5) Ancient City Spawn (565535403532980236) ❤️

6) Combo Structure Spawn (3546842701776989958) ❤️

7) Huge Mushroom Field Biome (7749012223532925400) ❤️