Top 10 Best PC Turn Based RPG Games That You Should Play!

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The sequel to 2014's Wasteland 2, the series is quietly competing with the likes of Fallout in terms of offering a post-apocalyptic RPG experience.

Wasteland 3

Fighting against an evil, all-powerful, dimension-hopping empire can seem like a losing battle.

Star Renegades

Logic Artists has spent the past decade perfecting their unique mix of turn-based strategy RPGs that focus heavily on exploration and mechanics intrinsically linked to each game's core theme.

Expeditions: Rome

There's a very good chance you're into your tactical RPG because at some point you've played Final Fantasy Tactics.

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark

Simply put, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a massive RPG through and through, but it has a combat system that allows for a large amount of variation and reusability.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

It's a solid return for a series that has been sorely missed in the West. Intuitive blending of turn-based tactical gameplay with real-time unit controls.

Valkyria Chronicles 4

The Banner Saga 3 brings the triumphant success of Stoics' turn-based strategy series to a strong Ragnarok-inspired close.

Banner Saga 3

Imagine for a moment an RPG where the whole plot is actually a pre-game setup for a larger post-game, an RPG where individual objects consist of a whole randomly generated universe.

Disgaea V Complete

It leans more towards the RPG side of things, but it has a really nice turn-based tactical combat layer covering both squad versus squad and ship-to-ship combat.

Star Traders: Frontiers

One final honorary mention goes to Tactical Adventures er, Tactical Adventure, Solasta: Crown of the Magister.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister