Top 10 Best Online Co-Op Games for PS5 | PlayStation 5


As part of the "Ascension" update, Returnel added co-op, allowing two players to combine forces.

Demon's Souls

Those looking for a little "Dark Souls" co-op action can snag Damon's Souls on PS5 and cruise through the dark and gritty story with a friend.

Destiny 2

Although Destiny 2 is classified as an MMO, that doesn't mean players can't treat it like a co-op game.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Gearbox's Borderlands has been delivering fun co-op first-person shooter mayhem for over a decade, and all the entries are a blast in their own right.


As one of the very few PS5 titles available at launch, Godfall doesn't reinvent the wheel with its gear-centric, slasher-type gameplay.

Resident Evil 6

Back when it first came out in 2012, Resident Evil 6 received a flood of fairly unfavorable reviews.

It Takes Two

Developed by Hazelight Studios, game developers whose primary focus is co-op experiences, It Takes Two is a deeply emotional story of a little girl who ends up playing with a hand-made rag doll after her parents' divorce. who is very similar to her mother and father.


Created by People Can Fly, a studio that, like no other, loves to play with and redesign gameplay mechanics in popular genres.

A Way Out

Developed by Hazelight Studios, the makers of It Takes Two, A Way Out is a movie-like co-op experience centered around two fugitives who are out on a quest to take revenge on the same drug lord.

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