Top 10 best Legendary Pokémon, ranked


Before the introduction of Galerian Moltres in Gen 8, Yveltal was the only Dark-Type Legendary in the series.


There are plenty of Dragon-type Legendary Pokémon these days, but when Reshiram was first introduced in Gen 5.


First introduced in Gen 7 games, Solgaleo is a psychic/steel-type legend with high attack and special attack stats.


Like Reshiram, Zechrome boasts one of the series' more distinctive designs, with its completely black appearance making it an incredibly difficult Pokémon to forget.


Due to the recent addition to the franchise, there aren't nearly as many Fairy-type Pokémon as there are the other 17 types.


Palkia's dual typing can sometimes be like a double-edged sword, though it is one of the best in both the water- and dragon-type categories.


Like his fellow Gen 4 veteran, Dialga has been blessed of two kinds.


Although not quite as popular as its fellow Gen 2 mascot, Ho-Oh, Lugia is still an incredibly useful Pokémon to have on one's team; assuming


Whether in its original or altered form, Giratina has an impressive base statue of a total of 680.