Top 10 Best Grand Theft Auto Side Characters

OG Loc

Jeffrey Cross grew up on Grove Street and first appeared in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Brucie Kibbutz

Sometimes, you miss a character by how obnoxious they are. Brucy's first appearance in Grand Theft Auto IV ranks him as the most annoying character in the history of the franchise.

Lazlow Jones

In many ways, Lazlo Jones can be considered the voice of Grand Theft Auto. He has been part of the series as a radio host for the Chatterbox FM station since Grand Theft Auto III.

Wade Hebert

As a gamer, you just can't help but feel bad for Wade Hebert. He is a retarded character who is used and treated poorly by Trevor Phillips.

Umberto Robina

A character voiced by iconic actor Danny Trejo is good enough, but it's even better to base that character's appearance on Trejo.

Big Smoke

While this list excludes any of the series' top antagonists such as Officer Frank Tenpenny, Big Smoke is an exception.

Roman Bellic

While the reviews for Grand Theft Auto IV were overwhelmingly positive, some fans found parts of it annoying.

Lamar Davis

Just like Big Smoke, Lamar Davis is mostly memorable for an iconic scene that has been the subject of memes online.

Tony Prince

Tony Prince Was Such a Good Side Character That He Even Had a Game to His Name

Ken Rosenberg

What makes Ken Rosenberg such a great side character is how many different sides the players get to see.

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