top 8 Best free Android games without ads in 2022

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Stranger Things 3

It's not unheard of to capitalize on a popular television series with a video game. But making that game completely free, devoid of any subtle transactions or ads.

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Data Wing

2D racing games have long been a staple of arcade games. With their simple mechanics and intuitive touch controls, these games are easy to get into and quickly sink into a few hours.

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Puzzle games are another staple of arcade gaming. And if we are talking about puzzles, then not to mention UltraFlow would be a discount.

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Anyone who has ever played the title of Civilization on their computer knows how entertaining and addictive the game can be.

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 The Frostrune

Point-and-click adventure games were once a very popular genre of gaming. You explore a vast 2D environment while interacting with the world and solving puzzles.

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Card games like Magic: The Gathering have a long history. Gamers have always loved collecting rare cards.

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 Pixel Dungeon

Any gaming list would be incomplete without a good roguelike on the list. Popular with titles like NetHack and Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

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 Fast Like A Fox

Fast Like A Fox is a unique blend of platforming mechanics with an endless runner game.