Top 10 Best Clowns In Anime

 annoying clown

This running nightmare has yet to receive animation on the big screen and is currently a webcomic exclusive.


I want to include this kid here because he is a modern definition of a clown: being an idiot.


At first I thought this character and I could get along, because her craving for quality paneer is really amazing. 


Well, with Vanir, I have a pretty vague idea of what a joker is. But his behavior seems to fit the subject.

 Donato Porpora

Most of the clowns here at least try to make you look happy and happy before eating your face.

Death 13

If you've ever wondered if you want to have a baby, expect that it won't happen. 


Spoiler alert ahead. It's weird to talk about the talisman, because he's just an avatar, and a terrifying one at that.

Crazy Slots

Crazy Slots is Kite Nan's ability. And it only works like Russian roulette if the gun is pointed at your opponent.

Roswaal L. Mathers

In the first season, I had nothing to say about Roswal. He was a weird but interesting looking dude who had a bad boy but nothing special.