Top 10 Best Characters For ESPORT🔥in Garena Free Fire

Wukong (Camouflage)

Sometimes, players in a battle royale game have to play dirty to win the match - and at times, that means capturing enemies by surprise and killing them before they can react.

Alvaro (Art Of Demolition)

Players of any battle royale game know that a throwable explosive can do enough damage to teams to be used properly.

Skyler (Riptide Rhythm)

Glue Walls are an incredible source of defense in Free Fire, especially since this non-damaging explosive creates a wall that provides cover against bullets.

Clu (Tracing Step)

Offensive players know that missing an enemy is an invitation to be taken down in a fierce counterattack, so offensive players are always ready to move opponents.

Jota (Sustained Raid)

In practice, players don't need to be careful in battle royale if all their opponents are dead - but this is a mindset usually reserved for sweaty players or extremely aggressive ones.

DJ Alok (Drop The Beat)

Battle royales can become dangerous for players very quickly, without necessarily dying in a firefight.

Chrono (Time Turner)

In a gruesome battle royale like Free Fire, preserving one's life is probably more important than the harm.

A124 (Thrill Of Battle)

It's one thing for players to know that EP can be used to slowly replenish HP at critical moments, and another is really useful for their needs.

Kelly (Dash)

Sometimes, the best abilities in a game come from characters that offer a lot of practical uses for said ability, and Kelly is exactly that.

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