Top 10 Best Anime traps, Ranked

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Pico is a handsome young boy with blonde hair who has feminine features that can trick anyone into thinking he is a girl.

Pico, Boku no Pico

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How would you feel if you were being forced to cross-dress every time you went to school? I think you can pretty much get the answer from Himegoto Hime Arikawa.

Hime Arikawa, Himegoto

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Now, this character is in this list because of the meaning of the trap which I explained in the introduction. Saika Totsuka is a boy.

Saika Totsuka, Oregairu

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Souta Takanashi anime series 'Working!!!' Serves as one of the main characters. He works as a part-time waiter in a restaurant called Wagneria.

Souta Takanashi, Working!!!

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'Rurouni Kenshin' is the story of a samurai who, after a horrific incident, vows not to kill anyone.

Honjō Kamatari, Rurouni Kenshin

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Chihiro Fujisaki's look can fool anyone. When he's cross-dressing, it's hard to tell if he's a guy.

Chihiro Fujisaki, Danganronpa

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Astolfo is one of the most beautiful traps in anime. She has gorgeous hair and is very feminine-looking.

Astolfo, Fate/Grand Order

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'Cachou wa med-sama!' is a fun and entertaining romantic comedy anime. If you haven't seen it yet and are a fan of the rom-com genre, you might want to check it out.

Aoi Hyoudou, Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

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If you are a fan of 'Genshiken' anime series, you should give 'Gensiken Nidaime' a watch, although it is not as good as its predecessor.

Kenjiro Hato, Genshiken Nidaime

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