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top 10 best anime in the world 

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Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan isn't controversial, but it's such an anime cornerstone that you watch it and make up your mind.

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One Piece 

It's almost impossible to be so interesting in anime and not get into One Piece.

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Demon Slayer

Now available on Netflix, no best anime list can certainly be complete without mentioning the biggest shonen anime of the moment.

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Violet Evergarden

One of Netflix's first big anime, Violet Evergarden creates an entirely new world with its continent telesis.

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You walk into OddTaxi thinking "Wait? That walrus taxi driver?" And then a mystery thriller unfolds that keeps you glued to your seat.

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If you've never watched Pokémon (opens in new tab) before, you might not want to binge-watch the whole thing from the start.

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Your Lie in April

Kosei is a young piano prodigy, but the result of his mother's death is so deeply broken that he can no longer play.

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Death Note

When high school student Light Yagami discovers a book that can kill anyone whose name is written in it.

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My Hero Academia

Best Shonen (Teenager) action series currently running. My Hero Academia is the anime on X-Men.