Top 10 Anime Like Naruto

Seven Deadly Sins

It's not all the time that the actual Seven Deadly Sins of the Bible becomes a star in its series, but The Seven Deadly Sins anime does exactly that.

Blue Exorcist

Naruto Uzumaki isn't the only hero to discover a terrifying lineage that he keeps from controlling his own destiny.

Tokyo Ghoul

It's not all the time for dark fantasy manga to feature vampire analogs in a modern setting.

Fairy Tail

Following the guild of the fantasy world, Fairy Tail tells the adventures of the Dragon Slayer wizard Natsu Dragonell as he searches for his missing father.


What better anime to watch after Naruto than its rivals? While Naruto explores Naruto's journey into becoming the Hokage.

Yu Yu Hakusho

When Yusuke Urameshi dies to save a child, a crazy chain of events turns him into a spirit detective to solve supernatural cases that plague the real world.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Tanjiro Kamado's peaceful life in Taish-era Japan comes to an abrupt end when demons kill his parents and impose a demonic curse on his sister Nezuko.


Claymore is set on a medieval island that is infested with the demonic Yoma. To fight these threats, the mysterious organization employs female warriors called the Claymores.

Soul Eater

Soul Eater takes viewers to the afterlife, where Death Weapon Mister Academy trains students to hunt down the spirits of evil humans.

Hunter X Hunter

Set in a world where hunters exist to hunt for a wide variety of things (from treasures, exotic species to people).