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best Tips To Play in Minecraft

Choose and create your world

Once you've bought Minecraft Pocket Edition, it's time to decide what kind of game you want to play.

Create your skin

You can customize your character by choosing one of the many pre-made skins available in the settings.

Learn the controls

While intuitive and easy to learn, it's good to take control of the controls before beginning (especially in survival mode).

Gather resources

Start by collecting nearby resources like wood, dirt and stone. To do this, tap and hold the block you want to collect.

 Build a shelter

Look for a good place to build a simple house. This could be the edge of a mountain, a hole in the ground, or a small cube made of dirt, wood or stone.

Get crafty

When you're barricading the inside of your safe-haven, you'll want to start crafting right away.

Create light

Hostile mobs only spawn in the dark, so you can help protect your living space by making a flashlight.

Grab some shut-eye

Tired of blocking out the crowds all night long? You can sleep in the dark night by making a bed and keeping it in your house.

Have a snack

Although not as important in other versions of Minecraft, food is an essential resource that you will need to restore your health if you are injured.