The highest level of Protection in Minecraft 1.19 update

When playing Minecraft Survival Mode, players will need all the protection they can get from as many sources as possible.

Security in Minecraft comes in a few different forms.  There is a base protection mantra, but so are fire protection, projectile protection and explosion protection.

As of version 1.19, protection as a spell can reach a maximum of four ranks without using cheat consoles, mods or add-ons.

Breaking down the defense values of Protection IV in Minecraft

Each protection spell in Minecraft increases the damage reduction of an armor piece.

For example, players can use magic to reduce damage from Ender Pearls, something armor would not normally protect them.

However, protection does not protect players from certain sources such as the /kill command, starvation, or sonic boom attacks fired by wardens.

Protection and its variants work on a percentage-based formula.  Specifically, the formula is (4 x magic rank)% for each armor piece to which the spell is applied.