The God of War Ragnarok reveal drama, explained ❤️

Anticipation for Ragnarok, the god of war, has reached fever pitch of late.  Over the past four weeks, we've seen the murmur of delays subside as whispering of a release date suggests it has been replaced.

Sony is thrown in for good measure with some playful social media postings from Santa Monica's Cory Barlog — the god of war news machine has been looking like a strange cabinet of late.

Ahead of the start of Summer Game Fest, a major leaker teased that we might get a release date revealed at the show.

What actually happened was a Twitter account that shared a PSN database update revealed that the God of War Ragnarok placeholder release date was shifted from September 30 to December 31, causing panic.

We then received a report (opens in new tab) that the next God of War game was fully underway until next year, however a separate report (opens in new tab) soon cast doubt on that.  God of War never appeared at Ragnarok Summer Game Fest or PlayStation's State of Play stream

Though fans were in for some consolation as Bloomberg (opens in new tab) reported that the game was on track for a November release, with the reveal of the date coming in June - waiting until next year, right?

Sony Santa Monica, for its part, is taking the whole thing in good humour.  God of War Ragnarok creator Corey Barlog returned from a three-month Twitter hiatus to shine a light on the conflicting reports.

This tells us about the recent report.  There was some hope among fans that we would reveal God of War Ragnarok as the new popular leaker The Snitch on June 30 (opens in new tab) God of War GIF with the caption "11110".

That number could translate to 30 in binary, so fans speculated that the news could fall on that date, which would be in line with Bloomberg's report.

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