Top 10 Cutest Pokémon of Every Type

Fighting: Machop

Fighting-type Pokémon are among the worst looking ones, though Machop is a good sabotage.

Flying: Rookidee

Its eyes might not be the prettiest things to see, but Rukidy's ever-so-small presence ranks top for cuteness among its own species of Pokémon.

Steel: Cufant

Although at the lower end of this list, Kufent has his fans. Its resemblance to a baby elephant, along with its ability to light up a scene whenever it smiles, points to its cuteness.

Ice: Cubchoo

Its final evolved form can be downright monstrous, so it's surprising that base level Kubchu is such a helpless little darling.

Ghost: Shuppet

The ghost category of Pokémon doesn't boast many good-looking ones, which makes Shupet stand out even more.

Poison: Nidoran

There's a certain endearing quality to the mischievous look, and Nidoran proves it.

Rock: Golem

Very rarely do developed forms outweigh their former ones in cuteness. But there is no doubt that the golem wins here, resembling a turtle in a large shell.

Dark: Purrloin

Now here's a Pokémon that looks like it could easily break your heart, but you'll just as easily let it go. The Purrloin has that classic feline appearance.

Ground: Sandshrew

It's hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about Sandshrew that makes it so great to look at. Whatever the case, Pokémon definitely pulls it off just fine.

Dragon: Dratini

Who would have thought that something resembling a snake could be so cute? Still, Dratini manages to win hearts with just the use of his eyes.