The best PS2 games of all time

The best PS2 games require play.  When the PlayStation 2 debuted in 2000, Sony was building on the success of the PS1 and looking to dominate the entire video game industry.

It includes some of the best Action, Open World, Role-playing and Stealth games.  So, let's join in: here's our pick of the 10 best PS2 games ever made.

Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution

If you don't feel like the PS2 is retro yet, this game might make you think twice.  Just imagine the kind of cosmic alignment Konami would need to publish a boxed, retail shoot-em-up developed by Treasure in today's market.

Gran Turismo 4

If you wanted your racing game on the more realistic side, Gran Turismo 4 was well ahead of the rest of the console pack of its day.

Tony Hawk’s Underground

You have to give credit to Neversoft — considering how popular its skateboarding series was, it would have been easy to single out another formula entry.

Kingdom Hearts

The breakup of Disney's beloved characters with one of the most popular Japanese RPG series was bound to create some kind of random outburst, and it did just that — Kingdom Hearts still has a lot of passionate fans today.

Katamari Damacy

The king of all universes got drunk and broke the sky, and now it's your job to come down to earth and fix it.  How?  By rolling objects into progressively larger balls, which are launched into space to form new stars.


Harmonix was making great music games long before they hit plastic instrument gold with the Guitar Hero series, and Amplitude is a great example.


Capcom's short-lived Clover Studio produced some great games, and kami is one of the best.  The game puts players in wolf form under the control of Amaterasu, a sun goddess whose goal is to save the land from darkness.

Beyond Good & Evil

Tragically overlooked when it was released in 2003, the action-adventure has since been recognized as a classic game that didn't get the sales push it needed.