The best Minecraft skins in 2022

The best Minecraft skins in 2022

As soon as Mojang announces the release of Minecraft Legends, many fans are back at the popular open-world game.

However, with so many new and old players joining the fray, it's important for people to look and feel unique - that's where skins come in.

Geralt of Rivia

Playing as Geralt of Rivia would be the right decision if the Skins gave you the skills.  He is deadly, powerful, and looks awesome.


Is it Link or is it Zelda?  Such a question should not need to be answered by any fan of the classic video game The Legend of Zelda.


Speed ​​is key with this sonic skin.  This is another case where the skins must come with some extra skill.

 Ant Man

Feel small or huge as Ant-Man.  Having the ability to run fast is a great skill but many Minecraft players can only dream of the possibilities

 TV Explorer

Explore the jungle as a TV explorer.  Sometimes playing as your favorite superhero or video game character isn't enough.