Top 5 Best Gangster Team In GTA V!

The GTA series has become synonymous with destruction, violence, crime and hoarding, with gangs playing a major role.

There's always something different about them in every installment of the franchise, making the games even more engaging and fun to play.

While every gang in the Grand Theft Auto franchise was unique in its own way, which one is the most brutal? Who will rule any organization in the series? Grove Street Gang? Leon family? Russian mafia? Or the infamous Vercetti family?

In this article, players can read through some of the most ruthless gangs in the GTA series.

 The Leone Crime Family (GTA 3)

The Leon Crime Family, one of the most brutal gangs in GTA, is a criminal organization from Sicily (linked to Salvatore Leone as "old country") whose main center of operations is Liberty City.

 The Vercetti Family (GTA Vice City)

Tommy Varsetti is the leader of the Varsetti family and was sent to Vice City to manage a deal after he got out of prison.

 The Russian Mafia (GTA 4)

The Russian Mafia is an established crime organization whose versions have appeared in the GTA series.

The Commission/Five Families (GTA 4)

The commission is the mafia family's way of dealing with any problem and it is considered fatal when fighting on the streets.

The Madrazo Cartel (GTA 5)

Influenced by Mexican Martín Madrazo and his family, the gang's musings are primarily made up of young Hispanic men.