The best FPS games on PC in 2022 


One of the most original FPS games of the current generation is one of its most fiendishly addictive.


Riot Games' attempt to take CS:GO's competitive FPS crown. It's like a mix of Valve's Twitch shooter and Overwatch's over-the-top heroes: that's at its heart.

Back 4 Blood

A modern take on Valve's classic Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood is one of the biggest third-party boons the Xbox Game Pass has received in the past year or so.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is a WW1 shooter that displays a terrifying amount of carnage. It has all the familiar BF modes we've come to love, including Conquest, Rush.


The best crop of brazenly old-school shooters that have come out in recent years.

Half-Life 2

It may be a young Gordon old enough to run under the bus and gamble on student loan fees, yet despite his age, Half-Life 2 still has a touch of G.O.A.T. status.

 Far Cry 6

It may not be the most important game in the series — the same goes for the coveted third entry — but Far Cry 6 is still a better shooter.

Borderlands 3

How to describe Borderlands 3 ... You could say that it is the underlying principles of the first and second Borderlands wrapped in a more ancient shell.

PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG is the game that created the battle royale craze. Technically, this was not the first battle royale game.