The best fan-made Pokémon games ❤️

The Pokémon franchise has impacted the lives of millions of gamers.  The original games were unlike anything else on the market, creating a whole new genre of games focused on collecting and fighting hordes of unique and interesting creatures.

Pokémon Uranium

Included in the 200 Pokémon are 160 fan-made.  In addition to a full story mode, the game also has a system for online trading and battles to pit these new creatures against others.

 Pokémon Insurgence

In terms of ROM hacks, Pokemon Insurgence is one of the most ambitious in terms of how much it changes and adds to the games it was created from.

Pokémon Phoenix Rising

Pokémon Phoenix Rising also puts more emphasis on story, but this time leans more on the RPG side of things by including player choices that can affect progress.

Pokémon Reborn

Pokemon Reborn only started out as an RPG Maker game that was purely an online league game but has since been completely transformed into a full-fledged game.  There are a total of 21 starter Pokémon, 807 Pokémon between generations.

 Pokémon Radical Red

If you've been around since the start of the Pokémon craze, Pokémon Red or Blue probably holds a very special place in your heart.  Whether you're a Gen 1 die-hard or not, there's something special about the first Pokémon adventure.

Pokémon Fire Ash

Pokémon games, anime and collectible cards all launched within a relatively short time frame.  In the early days, at least in the West, this led to some confusion as to what came first and why things were different.

Pokémon Emerald Kaizo

The name Kaizo is infamous among fan games.  It was originally attributed to the modder who created the extremely difficult Kaizo Mario ROM hack which basically shut down the entire genre of ROM hacks, which require a near-perfect level of execution to defeat.

Pokémon Creepy Black

In case you never read the original story, the creepypasta called Pokémon Black is about an allegedly haunted copy of Pokémon Black for the Gameboy (this was even before the official Pokémon Black and White was announced).

Pokémon Clockwork

Pokémon Clockwork is set in the new Rosari area and centers around a mystery regarding the legendary Celebi Pokémon.