Top 10  best exclusive PC games

The ARMA series originated in 2001 when Czech studio Bohemia Interactive released Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis.


You can't count on the early release of the full version of Baldur's Gate III, but what was made available to players as part of Early Access is already impressive.

Baldur’s Gate III

If we were to imagine the list of Steam Deck exclusive games, it would be a crime not to consider some of the iconic Steam exclusive games.

Black Mesa

This representative of the best PC exclusive games requires you to survive, which will involve a lot of crafting and building.


This PC exclusive is a real phenomenon! Factorio is entertaining, making you think hard, which can be frustrating and exhausting.


The game is a space simulation strategy that allows you to build the best interstellar factory ever!

Dyson Sphere Program

However, it is taking a long time to work on this game and it is not known whether the creators will be able to meet the deadline.

Mount & Blade II

Rimworld is an unusual strategy game about managing an extraterrestrial colony of survivors.


Like its predecessors, the twelfth main installment in the iconic Total War series of strategy games, combines turn-based gameplay with massive real-time battles on a world map.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

This puzzle is one of the PC exclusive games that amaze you.

Opus Magnum