The 5 most entertaining story mode missions in GTA Vq

The GTA V world is nothing if not a beautiful story filled with cracking adventures and gut-wrenching dangers.

 Blitz Play

The story follows three criminals as they rob an armored truck with an unconventional blitz play approach that accompanies Michael: they'll stop an armored truck loaded with riches with an old-fashioned garage truck.

 There's Company

The player has to help the FIB in the kidnapping of Ferdinand Kerimov.  It was assumed that the character of Kerimov was long dead.  But Kerimov was actually taken prisoner by the IAA.

 The Third Way

The Third Way is one of the most gut-twisting story modes in GTA V, with a touch of loyalty mixed with cold rebellion.

 Diamonds are for Trevor

It is a simple mission where players must steal some diamonds and bring them back to Trevor.  The mission serves as a prequel to the events of GTA 5, where Trevor O'Neill begins a war with the brothers and the Lost MC.


Contact missions aren't the only way to level up in GTA Online.  VIP Work offers simple and lucrative jobs that players can participate in for some extra cash.

 Blow Up

Blow Up is a simple and enjoyable mission by Simeon Yatterian in which players must blow up some cars owned by rival dealerships.