Best Offline Games for Android

Best Offline Games for Android


Minecraft, as the name suggests in its massive 2017 mobile update, is better together: but it's still a great solo game.


Oxenfree Premises — a group of '80s teens piled on a creepy island — is a classic mystery trope, but you'll soon realize it's anything but a simple game.

Her Story

We would actively recommend against playing it with a friend, or with someone who is looking over your shoulder.

Hidden Folks

Where is this Wally/Waldo, but on your phone, and better than the original as every picture plays.

Monument Valley 2

An artistic puzzler all about changing attitudes with some of the most beautiful levels you'll ever lay your eyes and fingers on.

80 Days

Inkle's mobile masterpiece still feels as relevant and rich today as it did five years ago.

Fallout Shelter

Real-time strategy titles don't really make the best offline games but there are exceptions and Fallout Shelter is one such mobile game.

GRID Autosport

If you like car racing games, you will love GRID Autosport. You can choose from different racing styles, tracks and unique cars to race.

Asphalt 8

Gameloft's Asphalt series has always given us some of the best racing games.