The 10 Rarest Pokemon Of The Original 150


Bulbasaur was probably the least popular of Kanto's three early Pokémon, but over time, he became the best of the three by a fairly large margin.


I swear I didn't find Nintendo's 9th place cute or anything.


Water Pokemon have high defense and give good support to Pokemon (as we can see later in this list).


Dragonite was always a badass Pokemon, but he wasn't very good.


There are certain Pokémon from each generation that are usually locked in a specific game.


As a third-stage ghost-type Pokémon, Gengar maintains a terrifying presence.


According to Porygon's Pokémon Red and Blue Pokédex, "A Pokémon consisting entirely of programming code.


According to Matchamp's Pokémon Yellow Pokédex entry, "One hand alone can move mountains.


Some Pokémon are more difficult to catch than others due to their low encounter and catch rates.


A skeleton of an Aerodactyl is found at the Puerto City Museum, but this Old Amber is the key item that brings you Pokémon.