Top 100 best Marvel characters ranked: 20-2

Hulk / Red Hulk / Skaar

The Hulk should know everyone by now. This is what happens when Dr. Bruce Banner goes insane.


Apocalypse makes his way to this position on the list as he is technically stronger than the Hulk.

Thor / Odin

While the MCU movies have turned him down a bit to create full-length features where the bad guys don't die in thirty seconds, Thor is incredibly powerful.

Hercules / Zeus

Hercules (yes, that Hercules), of course, is the son of the Olympian god, Zeus. While not cosmic (none on this list!)

Dr. Strange

Now that Dr. Strange may not have the physical strength of some of our earlier picks on the list, he doesn't.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel, like Thor, is even more powerful in the comics than on the big screen. Carol Danvers, insanely strong, indestructible, in addition to being capable of interstellar flight.

Scarlet Witch

While Wanda Maximoff's cinematic and comic book appearances are radically different, the two versions hold immense power.

Hope Summers

Another Omega-level mutant, Hope Summers was the first mutant born after the Scarlet Witch killed/deprived over 90% of the world's mutant population.


You remember that show on FX! And you remember it because it rules! And it ruled because Legion is such a bad-ass.


Proteus (Kevin McTaggert) is another Omega-level mutant, who is notably capable of distorting reality. Yes, very scarlet witch. But this is not where his potential ends.