The 10 Most Overprotective Anime Moms, Ranked

Kushina Uzumaki Can Restrain Nine-Tails (Naruto)

Lisa Lisa Has Mastered Hamon (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

Suyin Beifong Is A Metalbender (The Legend Of Korra)

Dina Fritz Became A Pure Titan (Attack On Titan)

Medusa Gorgon Is A Wicked Mom (Soul Eater)

Android 18 Is A Machine Turned Mother (Dragon Ball Z)

Nana Shimura Wielded One For All (My Hero Academia)

Mana Nakiri Is The Ultimate Chef (Food Wars!)

Ragyo Kiryuin Can Do All Kinds Of Things (Kill La Kill)

Irene Belserion Is A Dragon Mom (Fairy Tail)