Mega Sceptile

In base form, Septile's pace is at its best at 120, a welcome change from previous grass starters, which tended to be slow and defensive.

Mega Beedrill

The regular Beedrill is surprisingly mediocre, scoring only 75 points. But when that mega evolves, it jumps to 145 (and attacks 150).


Accelgor is no exception to the bug's general agility; Extremely favorable speed after special attack.


The form-shifting Deoxys is also hasty in its standard and attack modes, which have 150 speed points.

Mega Aerodactyl

The Aerodactyl's already excellent 130 speed bumps up to 150 when the Mega evolves.


One of the strangest original Pokémon, Electrode resembles an upside-down Poke Ball and has mediocre stats—except for speed, where it outshines most Mega and Giants.

Mega Alakazam

Alkazam is one of the best original Pokémon (especially before the introduction of Dark and Steel), with an emphasis on special attack and speed.


One of the best Generation 7 Ultra Beasts, the Pheromosa attack form resembles Deoxys - both incredibly fast and powerful, yet very vulnerable on defense.


Also in base form, props to Ninjasks for managing to outwit everyone except one creature. Like Electrode, his statistics are lacking.

Deoxys (Speed Forme)

From Mega Septile to Ninjask, our other nine warriors only had a difference of 15 points, indicating how close the speed race is.