Top 10 Best Vampire Anime of All Time


Although this anime is part of the Blood franchise released by Production IG. It has nothing to do with the earlier blood+. Actually, it is much deeper than that 2005 series.

Vampire Princess Miyu

One of the older shows on this list, Vampire Princess Miyu actually has a thread of hope for it.

Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya

Yes, Seraph of the End is about the Vampire. In fact, an entire cadre of blood suckers are ready to fight the Demon Army of Tokyo.


Anime vampires come in all shapes and sizes. Some people intend to rule whatever world they live in. Others instead sit and do nothing.

Noblesse: Awakening

The half-hour-long OVA is based on Noblesey, a South Korean web manhwa (digital comic) written by Son Jeho.

Black Blood Brothers

The series is based on the light novels by Kohei Azano. It tells the story of the Mochizuki Brothers, Jirou and Kotaro.

Trinity Blood

This twenty-four-episode anime, based on the light novels by Tsunao Yoshida, follows Abel Knightrod.


The show initially takes place in 2005 Okinawa, Japan and was an original anime inspired by the film Blood: The Last Vampire.

Seraph Of The End 

This 24-episode anime is based on the eponymous manga series by Takaya Kagami.


This scintillating and spectacular Netflix original of gore and action is based on Konami's game of the same name.

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