Best Retro Marvel Video Games, ranked

X-Men 2: Clone Wars

The X-Men seemed like the biggest superhero of the '90s. Young fans across the country dreamed of being one of Marvel's merry mutants.

Marvel Strike Force

As an agent of the Special Tactical Reserve for Interdimensional Key Events (S.T.R.I.K.E.), you are tasked with assembling a squad of heroes to protect the planet from an alien threat.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Wolverine is one of Marvel's most beloved heroes and for good reason: He's a no-nonsense scraper who can walk with just about any injury.


In the '90s, arcades were littered with Konami's addictive side-scrolling beat 'em up. In fact, it looked like arcades were required by law to own a version of the game.

Spider-Man 2

For a long time, Spider-Man 2 was considered the best Marvel game - if not the best licensed game.

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Few games make you feel like an unstoppable rage machine like Radical Entertainment's Ultimate Destruction.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Raven Software's Epic Smash Fest was Avengers: Endgame of its era. Building on the X-Men Legacy franchise.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

The Marvel vs Capcom series is the only place where you can see Captain America tag team with Captain Commando or Mega Man face to face with Iron Man.


What else did you expect to top this list? Insomniac's masterpiece was a true contender for Game of the Year upon release.