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Top 10 Best Normal Pokémon Of All Time


Explosion with the Scrappy ability is one of the most versatile and best common types of Pokémon.


Snorlax is your classic Pokémon tank. The massively high HP, strong attack, and high special defense mean that its only real weakness is a tough fighting type.


Zangoz has all the benefits of a fighting-type Pokémon bundled in a normal-type package: higher speed and even higher attack.


Boufalent sounds a little silly, we get it. But it is one of the strongest and therefore one of the best normal types of Pokémon, certainly better than Tauros.


However, if you have a need for speed, then Miltank's Cow is for you. Everyone has good reason to have nightmares about Whitney's handling of Miltank in the Gen II games.


Yep, Game Freak made a little sexier rabbit with Lopuni. No, so it is not included in the list.


It's tempting to list Stoutland as one of the best general types of Pokémon, because you really want their cheeks to be woody-woody all day long.


The Kangnakhan might not be as stunning as the Snorlax, but something else on this list doesn't have the usual 'som: stability.


Since we're not talking competitors here, Porygon-Z wins over Porygon 2 for the simple fact that it has higher special attack and speed, as well as better adaptability.


Greed looks like a squirrel clown, we admit. But it's a solid little squirrel with tons of HP and some not-important attack and defense stats.