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Top 10 Best Fossil Pokémon, ranked



Although it has two extreme weaknesses: Fighting and Steel, Auroras can be a valuable member of a team.


As evidenced by its appearance, Bastiodon serves as a wall to resist attacks. It has a lot of defense and special defense stats.


The intimidating rock/flying-type aerodactyl can be a dangerous matchup for opponents.


Dracozolt, one of the four Galar Fossil Pokémon, can quickly defeat many enemies with the move Bolt Beak, which doubles in power when used before the opponents attack.


Similar to aerodactyls, Archaeops is a rock/flying-type. Similar to Aerodactyl, it relies heavily on its speed stat in combat.


One of the first fossil Pokémon in the series, Omastar is a very capable fighter even today. It also has access to a fairly high special attack stat and a number of powerful special moves.


Like Dracozole, Arctozolt also has access to bolt beak moves. However, arctozolt unfortunately does not leverage in the same way.


Perhaps the most viable of all the Galar Fossil Pokémon, Drakovish is also used extensively in competitive play.


Tyrannosaurus rex-like Pokémon imposing, Tyrantrum, uses its attack stat to crush opponents.


arctowish has the same problem as arctozolt. Although it has access to an extremely powerful move, which is fishy rand for arctovish.