top 10 Best Capricorn Anime Characters, ranked

Shoto Is A Disciplined, Exceptionally Gifted Hero-In-Training (My Hero Academia)

Levi Is Humanity's Strongest, No-Nonsense Soldier (Attack On Titan)

Nezuko Is A Master At Exercising Self-Control (Demon Slayer)

Gaara Matures Into A Serious & Well-Respected Leader (Naruto)

Victor Is Both Talented & Disciplined (Yuri!!! On ICE)

Sailor Saturn Is Loyal To The Few She Bonds With (Sailor Moon)

Rukia Struggles To Open Up Regarding Her True Feelings (Bleach)

Utena Is Fiercely Driven, Even At The Cost Of Her Own Life (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

Edward's Capricorn Energy Comes Out In Her Work (Cowboy Bebop)

Misa Is Driven, Devoted, & Unwavering In Her Ways (Death Note)