Summer Warden: New Grand Warden hero skin in Clash of Clans 

Hero skins allow players to stand out from the crowd and enhance the overall aesthetics of the game, and they are among the most expensive items in Clash of Clans.

The Barbarian King, Grand Warden, Royal Champion and Archer Queen all have various special hero skins in Clash of Clans.

While some limited edition Legendary Hero skins must be purchased directly from the shop, other Hero skins can only be acquired by completing in-game season challenges.

Every month, Royal Pass holders are awarded a special Hero Skin.  The June season's Royal Pass is special as it brings a new hero skin to the Grand Warden after a long time.

Latest Summer Warden hero skin for Grand Warden in Clash of Clans

The game's developers have introduced a new hero skin in Royale Pass for the game's summer setting, as there is a lack of famous hero skins currently available for Grand Warden.

"This Season's exclusive hero skin is the Summer Warden! If you haven't unlocked Grand Warden yet the skin will be available for you to use when you do."

The Grand Warden is shown wearing a life jacket, shorts, floating tubes and goggles and the special protagonist has purple hair in the skin known as the 'Summer Warden'.  The skin depicts the latest Clash of Clans scenes, the summer scenario, which players can purchase from the in-game shop

Similar to the Lunar Warden hero skin, players can only obtain this particular hero skin by purchasing a Royal Pass in-game and reaching the 2600 point limit.

By clicking on the Grand Warden and selecting the Summer Warden skin in the game, players can experience the effects and animations of the Summer Warden Hero skin.  Players can acquire this distinctive skin and effect and show it off when attacking other players.