Ravens impressive rookie TE Isaiah Likely has 'made the most' of his opportunities

Last night, HBO premiered its highly anticipated TV series House of Targaryen.  It was the number 1 trending topic on Twitter.  right behind it?

In just 15 snaps, the potentially accomplished skill is shown all summer with reporters, teammates, and coaches alike raving about Coastal Carolina's alumni.

At about 6-foot 4 and 240 pounds, the rookie tight end is built like a Frankenstein offensive football player, with a running back trunk, a tight end wing but a lean upper body like a range receiver.  .

Potential shone in quick play, reading soft spots and preparing himself to throw for quarterback Tyler Huntley.  He also flashed against tight man coverage on RPO slants making tight window catches.

The 22-year-old broke a tackle over the middle, and forced a defensive back for a 31-yard catch and a missed tackle on the run.

In the end, he swiftly broke a slant and flung his hands between four defenders and found his way into the end zone.  he demonstrated a perfect skill

 The former chanterelle made competitive catches, broke tackles, forced missed tackles after catches, and showed an understanding of where the defense would not be able to create a throwing window

Most importantly, likely played with a sense of urgency and understanding for how each play will unfold.  At the same time, he didn't play with a frantic, nervous energy that might drive away rookies trying to "play fast."