PUBG Server Status and Maintenance Schedule

Another maintenance will soon affect the PC version of PUBG as soon as you can check the server status as below.  Here you will find all the details you need about when the server will be back again.

After becoming a free-to-play experience to play across all platforms, now PUBG has a huge community of players who spend many hours every day trying to get the "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner".

However, keeping things smooth for the players is a very tough task for the development team, which sometimes forces them to shut down the servers for several hours to maintain the online features of the game.

When Does PUBG Server Status Will Go Back to Normal Again?

As reported by the developers, PUBG Server on PC shuts down on June 21 at 5:30 PM PT/8:30 PM ET in North America, June 22 at 12:30 PM UTC/1:30 PM BST/2  Will be: 30 AM CEST in Europe

June 22 at 10:30 a.m. AEST in Australia.  The downtime will last for 4 hours, and during this period, you will not have access to any online feature in PUBG.

You won't need to download any updates once the server goes back online, but be aware that downtime can be extended if anything unexpected happens during backend maintenance.

So, if you're planning on enjoying PUBG in NA or EU tonight, you might need to change your plans and maybe try something else until the game's servers are online again.

In other news, the Xbox version of PUBG was suffering from an audio issue over the past few days, which luckily was fixed by an update earlier today.  So, if you are still facing similar problems, make sure to report your problems to the support team.