Download PUBG MOBILE LITE 0.22.0 for Android

PUBG Mobile Lite is a 'toned-down' version of the popular battle royale game available for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac.  Developed by Tencent Games, the program took the world by storm

However, many users reported crashes or lags on older Android devices.  The company has released this version to meet the needs of people with low-end or cheap smartphones.

PUBG Mobile Lite, also known as Playerunknown Battlegrounds Lite, is designed with the same gaming mechanics as the original version.

The program mimics the environment, weapons, maps, story, challenges and almost everything else.  Like other versions of the game, PUBG Android comes with fast-paced, intense action sequences.

Survival shooter game comes with player vs player mode.  Up to 100 players can be played in each round who fight for survival in a deathmatch.  The last surviving player wins the round.  PUBG APK focuses on a strategic approach and provides a thrilling, adventurous ride every step of the way.

What’s different in PUBG Mobile Lite?

Developers downgraded some of the tools in PUBG Mobile Lite to allow them to work smoothly on low-end or cheap Android smartphones.  In order to reduce some of the load on the OS, the graphics and colors resemble early versions of the game.

In order to reduce some of the load on the OS, the graphics and colors resemble early versions of the game.  Therefore, some areas, maps, characters, and textures experience a lower quality.  The 'Settings' menu has also been changed and supports fewer languages.

There is one more change in this version of the action game.  You will not be able to find the arsenal, crew and clan.  Instead, the game provides access to Inventory, Rank, and Season tabs.  Last but not least, PUBG Mobile Lite supports Royale Pass.

What about the gameplay?

In the light version of the Android game, you can choose from two game modes, ie Arcade and Classic.  While the former version can be used by up to 70 players at a time, the latter only supports 60-player rounds.

The development team hasn't changed the gameplay controls and mechanics.  Therefore, you will see guns, vehicles, and inventory just like in the original game.  However, PUBG Android Lite lacks the physics-driven features of the heavier version.