PUBG Mobile 90 FPS Devices List: Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, and more device

Best 60 FPS to 90 FPS Mobile Phones for PUBG: PUBG Mobile is not a game, it becomes a feeling now.  Today 8 out of 10 smartphone buyers try to buy a gaming phone to play the PUBG Mobile game.

PUBG Mobile has become the most played game in the whole world.  Almost all mobile gamers want to go live on social media and play with the world, but the device's potential stops.

In order to play pubg mobile game perfectly, some essential features should be available and FPS is also one of them.

Today's pro gamers use devices supported by over 90FPS to pursue competitive gaming experiences.  So if you also want to be a competitive gamer, you should play at least 60 FPS or 90FPS frame rate supported device.

But the main problem is budget and it matters a lot.  Not everyone can afford an expensive device just for playing games, so in this post, we have listed top 5 best 90 FPS Mobile Phones Under 25000 and you can buy them from Amazon and other online stores.

There are many Android devices that can play PUBG Mobile efficiently but not every mobile phone can provide a stable 90FPS frame rate.

Asus Asus ROG Phone II Asus ROG Phone III

Xiaomi Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Xiaomi Mi 11 Xiaomi Mi 10 Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Xiaomi Mi 10 T Xiaomi Mi 10 T Pro

OnePlus OnePlus 7 Pro OnePlus 7T OnePlus 7T Pro OnePlus 8 OnePlus 8 Pro

Oppo Oppo Reno 3 Pro Oppo Find X2 Oppo Reno5 Pro 5G Oppo A73 5G Oppo Reno Ace

Realme Realme 6 Pro Realme 6 Realme 7 Realme 7 Pro Realme V5 5G