Pokemon GO: How to Beat Sierra (July 2022)

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With July again, Niantic has some big plans for the Pokémon Go enemy faction known as Team Go Rocket.  In fact, notorious team leader Giovanni is again bringing with him a Shadow Latios, which players can potentially capture after not only finding him, but taking him down.

However, before the stage can be completed, Pokémon Go players must defeat a trio of Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo.  This time around, their teams include starter Pokémon native to the Kanto region.

Team Go Rocket Attack With Pokémon Go starting July 9, players will have the opportunity to get their hands on a new selection of Pokémon fest Niantic six-year anniversary event.

A new special research quest line will be available through September, with players square off against Cliff, Arlo and Sierra before they have a chance to go up against Giovanni.  Here's what players should expect to see face off against and combat Sierra.

Sierra's First Pokemon

During July 2022, the leaders of Team Go Rocket are using the original Kanto starters to start the fight.  For Sierra, she's bringing in Shadow Squirtle, a water type that really shouldn't be too hard to take down.

Sierra's Second Pokemon

As expected, Sierra's second Pokémon could be one of three different options.  For July 2022, players can watch either Blaziken, Blastoise, or Lapras.  Here's how to deal with all three.


The Blazing Chicken is a dual type with Fighting and Fire.  As such, players will want to make flying, ground, water, and psychic-type moves while avoiding Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, Dark, and Bug.


Squirtle's final evolution is Blastoise, which remains a pure Water-type, so should players acquire it as their second opponent, they can continue to use the same Pokémon to full effect.


To counter this Pokemon, players will want Fighting, Rock, Grass, or Electric-type moves, although considering it's an Ice type, Grass Pokemon isn't really a great choice.

Sierra's Third Pokemon

The third fight will also be against one of three possible alternatives.  In July 2022, players can fight against Draupian, Houndoom or Nidoquin.  Here's what to do for all three.