Paper Mario: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for New Origami King Players

Paper Mario: The Origami King is an action-adventure RPG for the Nintendo Switch.  Like the previous games in the series, it features a flat version of Mario as he fights evil with his partner Olivia to defeat King Olly.

Origami King has enjoyed players in the last five Paper Mario titles.  From a pleasant paper world aesthetic to challenging battle puzzles, the game has a lot to offer gamers.

Trees Give Confetti

Confetti is an important resource, as it helps players fill holes and earn more coins.  It can also provide items to Mario and is an alternative way to get items or coins for fighting enemies.

Sit on Benches

While many sports benches may seem like good places to sit, they also serve another purpose.  Benches are one of the only ways to repair damage, and they act as a rest stop of sorts.

Solve the Battle Puzzles

In Origami King's puzzle battles, Mario is shown in the center of concentric circles.  Each ring has a row of enemies to surround Mario in different sequences.  while not mandatory


Since Mario lives in a paper world, the two-dimensional flat perspective keeps the game camera at a particular angle.  Because of this, many things can be missed when running for the first time in an area, include important details to help you progress.

 Toads Can be Anything

Finding more toads can give you access to additional shops and reward you with tons of coins.  It's always a good idea to find as many toads as possible

If running around the entire map and randomly smelling things isn't your cup of tea, consider buying Toad Bells.  This item will ring automatically whenever the player is near Toad.

It can be purchased from the seller long early in the game, after the first mini-dungeon.  This is the best strategy for finding toads early on, and they will really help with future challenges.  Try to leave behind as few toads as possible