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Destiny 2 and Warframe are on each other's neck to dominate the open-world RPG market.


Somehow, RuneScape has been more than two decades since its debut. The MMORPG was the first model of its kind in the market.

Genshin Impact

In an extremely beautiful world, players can wander for hours and hours without seeing everything in this massive game.


Another blocky game following in the footsteps of the famous Minecraft yet offers a lot of freedom to the players.


Like Minecraft, Creativity explores the creativity of its players by giving them whole worlds to explore and live in.

Albion Online

Debuting in 2017 and still pulling respectable numbers on Steam, Albion Online may not always get that much attention.


Another game inspired by Minecraft, Unturned is an open-world zombie game that features mechanics similar to DayZ.


Set in a Dungeons & Dragons setting, fans of both classic RPGs and MMOs will likely love Neverwinter,


Fans of Monster Hunter: The World should consider trying this free-to-play option. Despite being more bare-bones and simplistic.


Highly customizable Fortnite has become famous in the few years since its release due to the huge amount of fun gamers from all over the world have in this digital world.