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the Most popular Marvel comics ranked

Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1: Gifted

The X-Men have suffered a lot in their Marvel Comics history, and this first volume of the series began based on the team reforming of Cyclops and Emma Frost.

Civil War

One of the best films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America: Civil War, was loosely based on the Civil War comic crossover arc.

The Punisher MAX

Similar to DC's previous imprints like Vertigo, Marvel has a MAX imprint that focuses on more mature content.

The Infinity Gauntlet

The MCU's Infinity War and Endgame were loosely influenced by Jim Starlin's The Infinity Gauntlet limited series.


Writer Chris Claremont teamed up with fellow industry veteran Frank Miller on the pencil for one of Wolverine's best comic books.


The 1994 Marvel Limited Series was a celebration of the most acclaimed moments in Marvel Comics history.

Walt Simonson’s Thor

It probably shouldn't be on the list. It is in the news for scoring the most runs on any superhero comic so far.


Rainbow Rowell's current run as writer on the runway captures the spirit of Marvel better than any comic that has come out right now.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Spider-Man Saves Marvel Comics. Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley didn't do it with flashy variants or crossovers.