Top 10 Most ANNOYING Pokemon


Psyduck itself isn't bothersome. This is a very sociable creature that always tries to help its trainer.


Milotik is a beautiful creature that is loved by many fans because of its amazing design. This is one of the strongest water types you can have.


The Wobbuffet is one of a trainer's most defensive partners, but it's also one of the slowest. Wobbuffet has a special feature that he is never able to launch an attack.


Vespiquen is one of those entries that has nothing intrinsically wrong. Vespiquen is a good bug-type to have on a team, and has a below-average defense.


Every Pokémon fan knows memes about Magikarp. It's basically useless and being able to learn useful moves only after so many battles that it probably won't see the end.


At first glance, Miltank appears to be a cute and innocent cow-inspired creature. However, in combat, the Miltank is one of the most defensive creatures.


One of the most insane and adorable creatures in the Bewear series. It's the first bear-inspired Pokémon, and it looks more like a teddy bear than any wild bear in the real world.


Jigglypuff looks like a cute little ball of fluff. Its sociable and social nature makes it one of the cutest partners in the entire range.


Zubat is notorious because of the large amount of Pokémon that inhabit caves around the world and how persistent they are.


Shaymin is a cute and adorable little critter while in land form. As Akash, it turns into a fast, agile and elegant fighter.