minecraft house design ideas

One of the fundamental parts of your Minecraft experience is building your forever home.

You can focus on the basics, like building a lovely home (we see you, Cottagecore), and simplicity may be what's important to you.

On the other hand, you may be the type to constantly expand your home and use it as a canvas to showcase the extent of your travels.

1. Farmstead

A natural progression for many because of the importance of farming. As you advance in your game, a farmstead is a great way to naturally expand your home.

Modern House

As with structures that arise naturally in Minecraft (at least at the time of writing), almost all of them basically lean towards the rudimentary

Minecraft Modern House

A modern house in Minecraft will look like the houses you normally see in the real world.  You can build a luxurious home that looks like a mansion by using the right materials.


You can build a self-sustaining farmhouse in Minecraft that not only looks great but also lets you grow a huge amount of food.