Top 5 best Minecraft traps to fool friends

Sometimes players just need a break from the daily hike and grind that Minecraft has to offer, because players just want to have fun.

And what's more fun than ruining other people's trust in the world of Minecraft? not much. That's where these five traps come in handy.

Whether it's death from a fall, lava, or pufferfish, these nets are sure to put a smile on victims' faces.

Of course, players should check with friends first to make sure if it's okay to joke around with them, as sometimes even the smallest of pranks can turn out to be a big deal.

The updated sandpit

This trap will be a bit expensive as it requires a fair amount of quartz, which is found in the Netherlands. This is used for a row of approximately 30 observers, redstone blocks that detect block updates in front of the "face" of the block.

The fake house

All it takes is a trap some TNT and some redstone repeaters, plus some extra building blocks and an iron door.

TNT bed

This one is incredibly simple. All it needs is a bed, an observer, a red stone dust and a piece of TNT.

The deadly pufferfish

With just a dispenser and a button, Minecraft's pufferfish can be turned into a weapon. Enough pufferfish can make quick work of players in an enclosed space.

The bubble elevator trap

This is one of the easiest and most effective traps in Minecraft to just kill players. Bubble lift is formed when a piece of either sol sand or a magma block is set under a column of a water source block.

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