minecraft 1.19 download android 2022

The Wild Update (1.19) for Minecraft is a fairly large effort by Mojang, which has tried to bring the Wild into the blocky sandbox world.

Minecraft The Wild Update will be released on June 7, 2022 on all supported platforms at almost the same time.

Many players enjoy Minecraft on their Android smartphones.  Since this platform probably makes up the largest part of the player base, Mojang makes sure that all updates are received on time.

How to download Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update APK

How to download Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update APK

In an official announcement, Mojang has publicly revealed The Wild Update's release date.  The Minecraft 1.19 update will be released on June 7, 2022.  This update will be available for all devices after its launch on June 7, 2022.

Unlike old times, major game updates don't come on different dates.  Mojang now rolls out annual updates to all devices at the same time.

Players can expect the 1.19 update to be rolled out for Android devices around 4:30 PM BST.  As soon as the update ends, players will be able to update Minecraft to the latest APK version using the Google PlayStore.

Bundles are also missing in the 1.19 update.  Similarly, archaeological features are also not seen anywhere.  Players will have to wait for future updates to get these features.