marvel and DC superheroes with similar powers

Lady Sif And Wonder Woman:

Although one has a background with the Asgardians, the other has its origins at Mount Olympus.

Quicksilver And The Flash:

The fastest person alive, the Flash, might have some sort of competition with this mutant. Quicksilver was born while having the X gene.

Wasp And Bumblebee:

As the name suggests, there is a distinct resemblance between these two characters.

Doctor Strange And Zatanna:

Let's say the Master of the Mystic Arts will move to the DC Universe. In that case, he may face some competition from a sorceress named Zatanna.

Black Canary And Songbird:

When it comes to comparing them, both fans may not consider Songbird the first choice to compare against Black Canary.

Hyperion And Superman:

However Superman is the strongest and greatest superhero around DC's multiverse and has a counterpart in the Marvel Universe.